Choosing the right aerolite installer can be a daunting task. There are so many fly by night aerolite installers trying to break into the market. The problem is that most of them lack the knowledge and experience.

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25 Years’ Experience As Aerolite Installers In South Africa

We have extensive knowledge and training with multiple insulation products. We have been an aerolite installer for over 25 years now and have seen it all over the years. Read more about think pink.

Furthermore, when you hire us as your installer. You get peace of mind because have the professionals in your roof. We run large teams of installers. Each team has a site supervisor. His job is to check the entire installation and make sure it is installed correctly.

We are also fully insured. This is important. It would cost a lot of money to fix a roof that an inexperienced installer, with no insurance, just fell through. Additionally, your time is important. You don’t want to wait all day for you installer to complete the installation.

Our teams are quick and efficient. Each of our teams can install about 600m2 per day on average. If you have 100m2 and your aerolite installer says it will take all day. Rather choose another installer for the job. It’s just showing their lack of experience right there.


Not Installed Correctly By The Aerolite Installer

This can lead to some damages to your roof or ceiling. Additionally the insulation not being correctly installed. This is actually more common that you think. We often hear about the horror stories. Homeowners sometimes accept an insulation price because it is slightly cheaper. Cheaper is very rarely better. There is always a reason why something is cheaper.

Sometimes it is installed badly and the aerolite installer has left gaps. Other times, the insulation installed is not the thickness that has been quoted. They try and get away with installing 100mm instead of the 135mm. Even though the homeowner has paid for the 135mm aerolite.

This is because fly by night aerolite installers don’t get the same price as we get on the insulation product. We move insulation in bulk, therefore get a much better aerolite price per roll. In order for them to come in cheaper. Two things must happen.


  • The inexperienced aerolite installer will skimp on materials in your roof.
  • They will install a thinner product than what you paid for to compensate.


Check the packaging the rolls come in when the aerolite installer arrives on site. Make sure you see the 135mm on the packaging. You would be surprised at how many new aerolite installers try and pull that off. Inquire about the r-value if the product you are installing. Make sure it is compliant for your climatic region.

At the end of the day, you need to make sure you choose a qualified company to do the installation. Don’t be one of those horror stories we hear of so often. Get a professional company from the start and the installation will run smoothly. You pay a lot of money to get your home insulated.

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