cost of isotherm isotherm price list

The cost of isotherm depends on a few factors. There is a different isotherm price for each thickness.

Firstly, which thickness are you wanting to install. You should check with your local installer. See which thickness is right for your climatic region.

Johannesburg, Pretoria and Western Cape require the 145mm isotherm for best results. Durban and surrounding areas require the 100mm.

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The cost of isotherm per square meter vary according to the size of the home

Another thing to take into account. The size of your home. Additionally, the cost of isotherm per m2 can vary from home to home. Firstly, we run qualified teams of installers. Each team has a site supervisor. This is to ensure the installation is done quickly and efficiently.

A home that is 50m2 will get a higher price per m2 than a home that is 300m2. This is because we have to cover the costs of our teams. Setting up at each installation takes a lot of time as well. Its easier to insulate 2 x 100m2 homes in a day than 4 x 50m2 homes.


The price of isotherm per m2 vary according to the difficulty

Every home is different. Some homes have easy access through the trap door and sufficient space to walk around in the roof. These installation go quickly and it means you get a slightly lower isotherm price per m2.

Other roofs we have to lift tiles or remove sheeting to install from the outside. These installations are very time consuming. Therefore the price of isotherm per m2 will be higher.

Suspended ceilings also take longer to install  in. Which increases the isotherm cost per square meter. We have to work from below one tile at a time. It could take a full day to complete a large suspended ceiling. Furthermore, that same installation would only take a couple hours in a normal roof. All these factors influence the cost of isotherm.

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Isotherm price list

If you are wanting to install it yourself. You are probably looking for an isotherm price list per roll. You can buy from us direct. We stock the 145mm isotherm in bulk. Its what 90% of our customers use. You can get a decent isotherm price per roll from us. We get a good isotherm price list on the 145mm because of the volume we use countrywide. Our installers cover Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Western Cape.

Each thickness has its own price. The thicker the insulation. The higher the isotherm cost per square meter will be. We can give you the isotherm cost to have the product installed in your roof.

If you find you are getting a cheap isotherm price in comparison to what we are giving you. Make sure you are getting the right thickness installed. It’s important to have the right thickness installed.

The density of the product drops when you go with a thinner thickness. Also check to see which climatic region you fall under. They have specified a thickness for each climatic region.

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