diy-aerolite-insulation-installing-guideIn this diy aerolite guide we will tell you exactly how to install aerolite in your roof. Make sure you are getting the right thickness installed for your climatic region. Johannesburg, Pretoria and Western Cape require the 135mm aerolite to be compliant.

It is not an easy product to install. People often wonder how to cut insulation. Thats why we do recommend you have aerolite installed by an insulation expert!

If you feel like you are up to the challenge of being an aerolite installer for a day this guide will help you down the right path. Visit our homepage for more information on insulation products.


What you will need for the DIY aerolite installation


  • Safety clothing
  • Dust mask
  • Long sleeved pants and shirt (fiberglass can be itchy)
  • Measuring tape
  • Stepladder
  • Portable light
  • Saw (used to cut the aerolite in the plastic, see video below)


Measuring up before the DIY aerolite install

Make sure you have enough aerolite to cover the entire roof area. Measure up you home and then add on a little bit to the final measurement to allow for overlaps. Generally when installing aerolite roof insulation you need to allow an extra 8% – 10% for overlaps.


Why do you need extra aerolite for overlaps?

You can never take an inside measurement of your home when you are installing aerolite. Remember that once installing aerolite in your roof. You will be covering walls from above. You will also be overlapping between beams. Make sure no gaps are left once the installation has been completed.

For example if your beam distance is 700mm wide. You will need to cut the aerolite roll around 750mm wide. The aerolite must fill the beam width. Additionally there must be a little bit extra material left. On either side of the beam as an overlap, to ensure no gaps are left.


Compressing aerolite

First off, you need to make sure the aerolite is not compressed once rolled out of the plastic. The ability aerolite has to resist heat flow comes from tiny air gaps in the product. So make sure it is not squashed or compressed in anyway once it has been laid.


Measure beam distance – DIY aerolite installation

As mentioned above, you will need to measure the distance of your beams in order to accurately cut enough aerolite. Always but a little bit extra to allow for the aerolite overlaps. You want to make 100% sure no gaps in the aerolite are left.


How to cut aerolite insulation after measurement

Aerolite is fairly easy to cut. Once you are satisfied with the measurement. Simply take your saw and begin to cut the aerolite insulation. While it is still inside the plastic. Aerolite is easiest to cut when it is compressed in its initial roll form. Make sure you make a nice clean cut, straight through the roll.


What to do with the aerolite once cut

Now that you have successfully cut through the aerolite insulation roll, you will be left with two different roll sizes. Firstly take the roll that has been cut to size. Pull the plastic off and you will see the aerolite will start to un-compress itself slowly. The other half of the roll will not be enough to cover the entire beam width on the next beam. You will use this off cut piece along with the next rolls off cut piece to fill the gap.


How to install aerolite insulation?

What you need to do is roll the aerolite insulation between the beam and flat on the ceiling board. Additionally, make sure the material fits snugly between the beams and no gaps are left. You need to make sure that all wiring is left on top of the aerolite insulation. In case you need to access those wires at a later stage. This can be quite a difficult task. Which is why we do recommend using an insulation expert to install aerolite insulation.


Cut holes around down lights when doing a DIY aerolite install

This is an extremely important thing to remember when installing aerolite in your ceiling! Make sure every down light has a circular hole cut around it. So the down lights heat does not get trapped around itself and cause a problem in your roof.


Don’t forget the Trap door

Once you have completed installing the aerolite between all the beams. Have managed to cut around all the down lights. Have left all the wires in your roof exposed and on top on the insulation. You need to cut a piece of aerolite. That fits snugly on the top side of your trap door to finish off the installation.

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