When going through the process of choosing an insulation installer. Make sure you cover a few basic points with the company you choose. Selecting the best insulation is another important factor of the process, so make sure you have all the facts.


Official Installer Status

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Does the insulation installer have the official installer status? And do they have the necessary insurance in case anything were to go wrong while installing?


Bias opinion

Does the company do a wide range of products. Or will the give you a bias opinion on the product they install?

Ideally you want a company that will help you select the best insulation for your situation and needs. There are pros and cons to all insulations so you need an insulation that best suites you.


Well established company

Is the insulation installer you have selected a well-established company? Do they have a website and compare different insulations so you can make the right choice. Instead of you getting sold an product that doesn’t suite your needs?


Customer service

Customer service is a huge thing to go on as well. Does the company communicate well with you? Are they explaining the different products to you and their different uses and benefits?

Different products have different benefits. For example if you are using an installer to install a product in a suspended ceiling. You would probably want to go with a product that doesn’t contain any itchy fibers or harmful chemicals. Bits and pieces could potentially fall from the ceiling if the suspended ceiling boards are moved. So you would probably want to go with a product like isotherm.


Trained insulation installer

Another thing to consider, is your insulation installer trained to install various products in roofs?

All the products are different and there are problem areas like alarm wires and down lights to be considered. An untrained insulation installer would probably roll the material over down lights. Which would cause a lot of heat and could lead to serious problems.

Don’t be scared to phone the suppliers directly. Find out if the company you have chosen is fully qualified and approved by the suppliers.


What happens if you roof gets damaged?

You need to know things like what happens if wires are disturbed or if things in your roof are damaged. Will the company be fixing the problem on their expense. Do they make you sign a quotation. Stating they are not liable for anything that goes wrong while installing the product you have chosen.


You get what you pay for

Getting your home insulated is not cheap. It is a once off payment that will continue to save you money in the future. You need to make sure your insulation installer does the job properly. Otherwise you might have paid the bill and the product will not work for you. Get hold of an aerolite professional.

You could potentially create an oven effect where gaps were left. Hot air will come in through these gaps and get stuck under the insulation.


Experienced installers

Remember you want to pay for an experienced insulation installer. You want to make sure you get the job done right the first time. Instead of trying to get a cheap roof insulation price. Then having to call a professional insulation installer to come and fix up the mess created by an inexperienced installer.

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