Aerolite Insulation – Why You Need It More than You Think You Do

aerolite insulation

Looking for a way to save you a little cash at the end of the month? Install think pink aerolite roof insulation and see the reduction in electricity bills for yourself.

Did you know that without insulation, a house loses 25% to 30% of its coolness during summertime and 25% to 30% of its heat during the winter season?

Improper insulation or no insulation at all, can snowball into a big, pricey inconvenience compared to the very reasonable aerolite price that can give you comfort.

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What is Aerolite?

Aerolite is made from fibre glass strands which has an effect on the heat flow in your homes. In warmer weather, it reduces the amount of heat that comes in your house through the roof and the other way around in the winters i.e. trapping the warm air within your house.

How is aerolite made?

Aerolite insulation has a long lasting effect and is eco-friendly with recycled glass and self-sustainable silica used in its manufacturing. Installing ceiling insulation has been made compulsory for all new homes in South Africa. If you are looking for an alternative to aerolite insulation, take a look a granric flexiwool fiberglass insulation.

How long does it last?

Aerolite should last up to 30 years and run effectively in the period. It is light weight, packaged for easy installation and can fit on most ceilings.

Think Pink Aerolite is SABS approved and has been on the international market for over 70 years. It is a trusted home insulation brand and is Eco friendly. It can efficiently maintain and control the temperature of your home during extreme temperatures and provide a comfortable living condition.

How much does it cost – What is the price?

Just like most of the insulating materials used to keep a house comfortable and safe, there is no fixed price for aerolite to be installed. This is because the cost is affected by many factors such as the installation or service price asked by installers as well as the location and situation of the place it will be installed in.

Some aerolite installers can provide a discount, especially if they move a lot of stock, they able to get a good deal from the manufacturers. The layout of the house including how hard the installation will be, does affect the asking price of installers in Johannesburg, Centurion, Pretoria, Western Cape and Durban.

Thickness Requirement for Climatic Zones

Depending on where you are situated, regional climates will affect the thickness that needs to be installed in your home or office. For example, a region with a cooler climate (Johannesburg, Centurion, Pretoria, Western Cape and Durban), will need a thicker layer of aerolite insulation installed in order to reach the desired insulating effect. You will also need to be compliant with the new sans 10400-xa building regulations that have now been implemented in South Africa.

Other factors to be considered are budget, cost and product type that you prefer. Your region might need a certain product with the required thickness according to the climate but you might desire a thicker product for an even better insulating effect, when you are adding insulation to an existing home.

climatic region diagram

R-value of Aerolite Insulation

  • 50mm = 1.25
  • 75mm = 1.88
  • 100mm = 2.50 (recommended for Durban)
  • 115mm = 2.88
  • 135mm = 3.38 (recommended for Johannesburg, Pretoria, Centurion and Cape Town)

Control your climate with insulation

Climate changes can be make living conditions brutal. Constantly perspiring during the summer and shivering during the winter can be a real inconvenience. During these temperature changes we take all the measures we can to maintain comfort which includes air conditioning, water heaters and heaters. These can have a damaging effect on your pocket. With Aerolite insulation, you can reduce the usage of temperature regulating devices and enjoy a big reduction on your electricity bills too.

Think green with insulation

With environmentalists urging the people of the planet to think green, energy costs sky high and a major rise in energy consumption; going green is about our only option. Solar powered geysers, solar films and insulation systems are here to save the day…and some money. This reduction in energy consumption will reduce our carbon footprint and play a part in saving our environment.

Aerolite installed incorrectly gives no benefits

If you are planning get it installed in your home, it is essential you do with the help of a professional aerolite installer because incorrect installation will give you no results whatsoever. Also keep in mind that you need to choose the right thickness according to your climate changes. Failure to do so plus the incorrect installation is a waste of money.

How to install aerolite roof insulation

When installing, be sure to check that your aerolite installer is indeed a professional with experience and testimonials. The insulation has to be cut to fit perfectly between the beams and low sections for best and effective results.

You must be sure to seal correctly and install insulation on all the walls and the ceiling. Do not cut back on the product to save a little money because it will compromise the efficiency of the insulation and make your home even hotter.

Roof insulation rolls will be sorted according to thickness and R-value. Both of these things are factors you need to consider before making your pick. Also be sure that your aerolite installers know that the down lights must not be covered. Check out our DIY guide for installing aerolite insulation.

Roof Insulation For summer

If the purpose of installing insulation is to make you workplace or home a temperature controlled environment, then you should go for Isotherm Insulation or Aerolite Roof Insulation.

During the winters, Isotherm Polyester Insulation and Aerolite roof insulation will contain the cold air from the air conditioning into the house and allow your cooling system to work more efficiently.

In the long run, the Isotherm and Aerolite insulation will automatically pay for itself since the cost of air conditioning will be significantly reduced and so will the cooling costs.

Roof Insulation For cold winters

In the winters, Isotherm or Aerolite insulation will trap the heat within the house not allowing it to escape and reduce the amount of heating from heating systems required.

Heating systems include heaters, under floor heaters and fire place. The usage of all these will be significantly reduced with an efficient insulation installed. The drastic decrease in the electricity bills is the cherry on top of the cake.

Quick Overview Of Aerolite Insulation Benefits:

When shopping for materials to be used at home, it is always wise to do your own research of its advantages and disadvantages. It is a good thing that with think pink aerolite, you can take advantage of more benefits than its excellent temperature regulation ability:

  • Long-term investment for a very reasonable price. The think pink aerolite price is very reasonable especially if you consider that you can have it around for decades. You no longer have the need to turn your air conditioner on full blast during the summer or crank up your thermostat or heater during the winter. Aerolite insulation does the job of keeping your home as comfortable as possible without you having to do anything else.
  • Because it has a lifespan of 30 – 50 years, you also get to save on maintenance fees. Just have aerolite installers install it properly and you never have to think about it again.
  • Non-combustible. Say good bye to fire hazards because aerolite insulation does not pose any danger or risk towards flames.
  • Aerolite insulation materials does not attract parasites and rodents.
  • Conserves energy effectively. This quality insulation product will lower heating and cooling costs in your home.
  • Easy installation is expected because of the aerolite insulation’s light weight and durability.
  • No associations and risks to one’s health after installation. Make sure to wear safety gear and a dust mask if working directly with the product for safety reasons.

Here’s The Good News:

Our company has a team of specialists in Johannesburg, Centurion, Pretoria, Western Cape and Durban. So if you are looking for aerolite installers in these places, you need not look farther! We can provide you quality installation from professionals who understand the work from the inside-out.

Let Us Do The Hard Work While You Do The Relaxing!

Now that you learned how think pink aerolite can make your home more comfortable for all seasons, it’s time to let the professionals do the hard work you. Roof insulation installation is a tricky business that is why you need to work with specialists only.

Our team of aerolite installers has comprehensive training plus hands-on experience continually honed over the years. Installing quality aerolite insulation is not only our business but also our goal.

Your insulation material may be top of the line but it will still not be worth a cent if it has been installed poorly. Substandard installation work is not only a waste of time and money, it can also pose safety risks at home.

You can rid yourselves of these worries if you get our team to do the hard work for you. All that you ever have to do after teaming up with us is enjoy the benefits of having aerolite insulation.

Soundproofing Benefits of Think Pink

Great sound-proofing benefits. Aerolite has good quality absorption to sound. Over the years it is being used as an insulation material, it has been proven to reduce external sound. It does not only keep your place comfortable in terms of temperature regulation. It also provides an additional layer of comfort by shielding it from noise.

Retrofit Aerolite Insulation

Getting a retrofit installation done by our aerolite installers is by far the most effect way to reduce power consumption and save your hard earned money!

Some retrofit jobs can be quite difficult, when it comes to doing a retrofit job with factorylite, isofoil and all the reflective insulations like sisalation, spunsulation and alububble. There are not many companies that can retrofit insulation properly so make sure to choose the right company for your retrofit insulation product.

We have found that over 80% of homes that have already been insulated, do not meet the requirements of the new sans 10400-xa building laws now in place. There is a solution to this problem, you will need a top up layer of insulation to achieve the required thickness designated for your climatic region.

Think Pink Insulation – Think Non-Combustible Material

More than your family’s health benefit, think pink insulation is also safe to have around your home. This material is non-combustible and is in fact popular because of its safety around fire. It has been used to insulate temperature around stoves, boilers, furnaces, and other locations wherein great temperature is required to be achieved.

Think Pink Aerolite – Think Asbestos-Free

Aerolite insulation is asbestos-free and eco-friendly. Unlike other insulation materials which are not yet fully evaluated, aerolite installers and users have used this material for more than 70 years and counting. Once installed, aerolite has an estimated longevity of 30 – 50 years.

Don’t Let the Climate Control You – And Your Budget

It is tough enough to deal with the constantly changing climate. No wonder electric bills fluctuate during the summer and winter time. Air conditioning sets, water heaters, and other temperature-regulating devices can eat up electricity big and fast.

You need not add house maintenance on your list whenever the seasons change. That is what aerolite insulation can guarantee. And that is what we can provide.

We are a team of experts with a comprehensive training and years of practice in the field. You do not have to settle for substandard installation and pay the price of maintenance later on.

Let us demonstrate what professional aerolite installers can do for you.

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