Isotherm Insulation – An Eco-Friendly Non-Allergic Insulation Option for Your Home

isotherm best insulation in south africaBefore you go out and buy or have Isotherm insulation installed, you need some basic information about it.

This type of roof insulation was created for efficient temperature control in your home. Keeping it at the temperature you want for comfort. This can help you decrease the amount of energy you use so your heating and cooling bill isn’t sky high.

What are the Advantages of Isotherm?

  • 30 year manufacturer warranty
  • An important advantage of this type of insulation is that it is safe and non-toxic.
  • It’s also eco-friendly insulation so the environment is safe as well.
  • There isn’t any maintenance so you can just install it and forget it.
  • No protective clothing or gear is needed when installing this product!
  • Green polyester insulation won’t cause allergic reactions. Chemical and dust free!
  • It’s non-combustible for your safety and protection.
  • Install it in your ceiling for energy savings advantages.
  • The eco-friendly insulation complies with SANS 10400-XA standards.
  • Save anywhere from 40% up to 70% in energy costs for heating and cooling.
  • Up to 21% saving on the electric bill you get every month.
  • The texture is very soft and it can be safely installed.
  • Isotherm insulation keeps your home comfortably warm in winter.
  • Keeps your home cool in the warmer months.
  • It’s very light and it will always save you in energy costs.

Watch the video below for fire testing

As you can see below, isotherm is non-combustible and does not contribute to flame spread. All roof insulation products have a melting point, but the important thing to check up on is if the product will continue to burn or smoulder after the flame has been removed.

Think Green with Polyester Insulation

This is one of the most popular and best types of insulation products used when a home is built or when old insulation is needed replaced in your roof.

The reason for this is that it is safe and it’s also environmentally friendly. When you feel the insulation, you’ll find it is smooth, and green polyester insulation doesn’t release dust like other insulation products that can cause negative reactions in people who suffer from asthma and other allergies.

What about Water Resistance?

This product can resist water and moisture so it’s ideal in the summer with higher humidity conditions. It also handles water damage better than other insulating products. Its not hygroscopic and does not absorb water and cause a ceiling collapse. If exposed to a leak in your roof or a burst geyser, the product has the ability to dry out and continue to insulate effectively.

Isotherm is very popular and preferred by many home owners and installers, but the isotherm price is slightly higher than some of the other products. This green polyester roof insulation is definitely worth the price, so give our professional installers a call in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Western Cape and get an isotherm price.

isotherm eco friendly insulationIsotherm insulation R-Values

  • R-value – 40mm = 0.82 (10kg density)
  • R-value – 50mm = 1.02 (10kg density)
  • R-value – 75mm = 1.53 (10kg density)
  • R-value – 100mm = 2.33 (10kg density)
  • R-value – 135mm = 3.14 (11.5kg density)
  • R-value – 145mm = 3.37 (11.5kg density)

Which Thickness Is Require For Your Area

  • 40mm = 0.82 (10kg density) Top up layer
  • 50mm = 1.02 (10kg density) Top up layer
  • 75mm = 1.53 (10kg density) Top up layer
  • 100mm = 2.33 (10kg density) Required for Durban
  • 135mm = 3.14 (11.5kg density) Required for Johannesburg
  • 145mm = 3.37 (11.5kg density) Recommended for Johannesburg

Benefits of Recycled Roof Insulation

There are many benefits to using recycled eco-friendly roof insulation in your home. One of the major benefits of having isotherm installed, is that it can be recycled again in the future. You’ll still get the same heating and cooling efficiency as if the product was made from brand new materials.

It’s still does not support flame spread and it’s very environmentally friendly because it stops wasted material from collecting in landfills. Recycled roof insulation is cost-effective to install and it’s cost-effective when it comes to saving on your electricy and heating or cooling bills all year round.

How much can you save?

This option will save you 25% to 30% on your heating and cooling costs month after month. In a short period of just two years, you can get a return on your Isotherm installation investment with the consistent savings you’ll have on each bill you receive thereafter.

Recycled Insulation is eco-friendly and this is why it continues to gain popularity, especially with so many people being more protective towards the environment. This product is out-performing the selection of old technology, traditional insulation products. Green polyester insulation is made from recycled plastic bottles called PET and it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals or release dust.

Recycled Insulation from PET

Let’s start off by explaining what PET is. PET is just a term that’s used for plastic bottles used in the manufacturing process to stop plastic from being stored at garbage landfills. The plastic bottles are used to make recycled green polyester insulation.

This eliminates the environmental hazards that are associated with things being left to rot and harming the air we breathe and the land we plant crops on. The plastic bottles are converted to plastic pellets that are then converted into polyester sheets. The next process involves the use of high quality and costly equipment to make the insulation that is available in South Africa.

The Isotherm Manufacturing Process

Green polyester insulation such as Isotherm is made from recycled plastic bottles. These are used to create a plastic resin that makes the insulation durable and extremely strong. This results in a high quality, recycled, eco-friendly insulation that is perfect for your home’s heating and cooling efficiency.

It’s not itchy, doesn’t contain any chemicals and it will quickly dry if it is exposed to any liquid or moisture. This type of insulation product, even though it’s recycled, won’t break and it won’t be damaged while travelling from one location to another. When we install it at your home, you won’t have any damaged and non-usable materials before installation, this is our guarantee.

Isotherm Fire Resistance

Being non-combustible is a huge benefit when it comes to your safety and your family’s safety. When it’s installed in a home, isotherm will extinguish itself should the flames reach it. Isotherm insulation rejects the heat and prevents the fire from spreading and doing more damage. The fire safety rating is B/B1/2 so this makes it safe and ideal for homes and business properties.

Another great advantage of isotherm insulation, and something that is often overlooked by home-owners. Isotherm is CHEMICAL FREE! If your house were to burn, what chemicals are in the product you have installed? You can have an insulator installed with a good fire rating, but when it burns it releases toxic fumes. This would be horrific if you and your family were still in the house trying to evacuate. You would be breathing in poisonous fumes.

Lower Your Energy Usage for Heating and Cooling with Eco-Friendly, Recycled Green Polyester Insulation

After our professional isotherm installers finish installing isotherm in your home, you’ll start seeing saving right away. When your energy usage goes down it results in savings. The insulation can also be installed on your geyser and water pipes as well, for even more cost control.

You won’t have to worry about condensation or the development of bacteria and fungi like some insulation material types. It’s also cost efficient because it’s durable and lasts for a very long time. It won’t degrade and it will continue to save on energy usage and costs. No matter what the weather is like, you’ll have a comfortable home with warmth or cooling. You can also read a quick guide to home insulation.

Isotherm Price: How the Cost is Calculated

Depending on the thickness of the insulation you need, you will have a higher or lower cost. The best step to take is to invite us to take a look at your home and give you a custom quote. Every home is different so this will be another cost-determining factor that includes size and the difficulty of the insulation installation. We’ll tell you the thickness of insulation that you need so you’ll have the perfect R-value to ensure your home is comfortable all year round.

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