Romatherm insulation is a white polyester insulation material. Manufactured to similar specifications as isotherm insulation. It has a high R-value and is recommend for home use. The rolls come in a white colour. It is a high quality insulation product. You can use it in homes, buildings or offices.


Why choose this roof insulation product

romatherm insulation In recent years, more home-owners in Johannesburg, Centurion, Pretoria, Western Cape and Durban have been looking for alternative ceiling insulation products to insulate their homes with.

Polyester has become an extremely popular choice. Additionally, Romatherm has great thermal and acoustic properties.

Description: Polyester Fibre insulating blanket, supplied in roll form in various thicknesses


What Are The Advantages Of Romatherm Insulation:


  • Does not irritate the skin and will not affect breathing or cause allergies.
  • The thermal performance is SABS tested.
  • This polyester has been tested by SABS for fire propagation.
  • By the same token it does not contribute to flame spread and is not toxic.
  • Can also be used above purlins to reduce the noise entering through roof sheeting.
  • Moreover, on flat ceilings it can be laid in between the trusses on top of the battens.
  • Furthermore, it is manufactured to ISO9002 Standards.
  • Does not collapse over time and retains its “loft”.
  • Eco-friendly and people friendly insulation product.
  • Does not contain chemicals
  • Does not contain fiberglass
  • Inexpensive insulation


Roll Sizes:


  • 55mm Romatherm: Width: 1200mm Length: 10m
  • 75mm Romatherm: Width: 1200mm Length: 8m
  • 100mm Romatherm: Width: 1200mm Length: 6m
  • 135mm Romatherm: Width: 1200mm Length: 5m


Density: Thickness R-value of this Roof Insulation


  • 55mm = 1.02 (7kg density)
  • 75mm = 1.53 (10kg density)
  • 100mm = 2.04 (10kg density)
  • 135mm = 2.75 (10kg density)
  • 145mm = 3.37 (11.5kg density)


Which Thickness Is Require For Your Area


  • 55mm = 1.02 (7kg density) Top up layer
  • 75mm = 1.53 (10kg density) Top up layer
  • 100mm = 2.04 (10kg density) Required for Durban
  • 135mm = 2.75 (10kg density) Required for Johannesburg
  • 145mm = 3.37 (11.5kg density) Recommended for Johannesburg, Centurion, Pretoria


What are the fire properties of Romatherm?


  • Complies with SAN 428 Fire Standards
  • Does not contribute to flame spread
  • FTC11-116 26/10/2011 – B/B1/2


Think Green with this inexpensive insulation product:

Also, Romatherm is manufactured from a hollow and solid polyester fiber blanket. Moreover, You can install it between trusses on flat ceilings. Romatherm can also be used above purlins to reduce the noise entering through roof sheeting. Additionally, the product has been tested by the SABS, for thermal performance and for fire propagation.

As a matter of fact Romatherm does not contribute to flame spread and is not toxic. It is manufactured to ISO9002 standards, is friendly to the touch, will not irritate the skin, nor does it affect breathing in anyway. Not to mention one of Romatherm’s advantages as an insulation product is that it does not collapse over a long period.

As a matter of fact, for home-owners in Johannesburg, Centurion, Pretoria, Western Cape and Durban, using a product like Romatherm insulation has become an extremely good option. Its an inexpensive insulation product for homeowners. Furthermore, without the use of chemicals and fiberglass, it is definitely the safer green insulation option for home use. Think green with Romatherm insulation in South Africa!

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