135mm Isotherm

The 135mm isotherm insulation is the minimum requirement for Johannesburg, Pretoria and Western Cape. Although we do recommend using the 145mm isotherm for home use. The new sans building laws are in place for energy efficiency. We have to install a certain thickness depending on your climatic region.

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135mm Isotherm Price M2

The 135mm isotherm price per m2 is only slightly cheaper than their top of the range product. Most homeowners see the difference in price is minimal and opt for the best. The 135mm is also an 11.5kg density. Density of a product helps for thermal and acoustic properties.

Advantages of 135mm isotherm insulation

There are many advantages to using green recycled polyester insulation. For example, its dust and allergy free. There are no loose fibers of chemicals in the product. Another great advantage is that its easy to work with. Installers like installing the product over traditional insulation products. Not only the installers but also homeowners. When doing any work in your roof, there is no need for any special gear.

R-Value Of The 135mm

135mm – R-value 3.14 (product r-value only)
135mm – R-value 3.54 (including roofing materials)

The R-value and density of an insulation product are important. Check with your local installer which thickness you should be installing. Never install any insulation product less than 100mm. Unless you are installing a top up layer.

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