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What is the best insulation

What is the best insulation

We at Home Insulations do a wide variety of insulation products in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. We often get asked the question “what is the best insulation”?

That is quite a difficult question to answer because there are many important factors to take into consideration when trying to determine what the best insulation is. So let’s take a look at some of these factors so you can make and educated decision when choosing your home insulation. Dont forget choosing the right insulation installer is important too!

What is R-value?

The insulation r-value is very important. The higher insulation r-value, the better product will be able to restrict thermal heat from entering or exiting your home through the ceiling. But don’t be fooled, it is not only about the r-value when trying to determine “what is the best insulation”. Insulation r-value does play an important role in selecting the best insulation but should not be the sole purpose for selecting a product.

insulation diagramWhat insulating products are available in SA?

In South Africa we have 3 main types of insulation products that are the most commonly used. There is think pink aerolite which is the most tried and tested product. There isotherm which is an eco-friendly green polyester with no chemical additives to make it an excepted insulation and then there is cellulose fiber insulation which has been chemically treated.

What is the best insulation of the three listed above?

This is where it gets a bit tricky. All three of the above insulating products have a very similar r-value, so now we need to start looking at the other factors that answer the question what is the best insulation. Let break it down so you can decide for yourself what product suits you best.

Think pink aerolite

As mentioned above, think pink aerolite insulation is the most tried and tested product on the market around the world. It has excellent acoustic properties that help with noise levels and sound proofing. Think pink aerolite has a good r-value the same as polyester insulation and cellulose fiber insulation. The down side to it is that it is made of fiberglass and although it has no harmful chemical additives to make it an acceptable insulation you don’t want to breathe in the fibers.

Eco-friendly polyester isotherm

Isotherm is a reasonably new product in comparison to think pink aerolite and cellulose fiber insulation. It has been taking the South African market by storm. The isotherm r-value is almost the same as the other two products but the benefits you get from polyester insulation out rank the other two insulations.

Firstly it is the most eco-friendly insulation we have in South Africa. Being made from recycled PET bottles is good for the environment. It has absolutely NO CHEMICAL additives to make it an acceptable insulating material. Infact it is such a people friendly insulation and so pleasant to the touch that you could actually sleep with it as a duvet on a cold night! For people with allergies, isotherm is definitely the way to go.

Cellulose fiber

Ok now to the cellulose fiber insulation. Again the r-value is around about the same as think pink aerolite and isotherm polyester insulation. So from that point of view its good. Its supposedly an eco-friendly insulation because it is made from recycled newspapers. That all good to say, but if you take a closer look at it you will realize that recycle newspapers don’t have a fire retardant status. Therefore cellulose fiber insulation must be treated with chemicals in order to make it an insulation that will pass the fire testing stages. These chemicals include: boric acid, borax, lime, ammonium sulphate, aluminium sulphate, ammonium phosphate, mono – and diammonium phosphate, aluminum hydrate, aluminum trihydrate, zinc chloride.

What is the best insulation conclusion?

So hopefully we have answered that question for you “what is the best insulation”. You need to way up the pros and cons of the insulation products before just selecting a product on r-value or the fact they state is eco-friendly. Remember you have to live with the product in your roof. We do a wide range of insulation products in South Africa an have noticed a definite swing in the market towards eco-friendly polyester insulation. More and more people in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town are shifting in the polyester direct.

It might be more expensive than the other two insulations but thats got to make you think? Why? Its because polyester is the safest and most eco-friendly insulation we have to offer in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

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