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Double Glazing in South Africa

Double Glazing in South Africa

Let’s have a look at South Africa and its’ energy crisis and how double glazing can help reduce power consumption.

Common sense would suggest we as individuals do our best to save energy and look for alternatives. Let’s discuss double glazing in South Africa and how it can help save energy.

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Double Glazing In South Africa

Double glazing in South Africa is a smart way to reduce heating and cooling costs with only a small effort. It will in turn reduce the pressure off heating and cooling systems thus making it an eco-friendly window treatment. The investment is not that big considering the reduction in energy costs it will bring.

Be Cool

Heat from our heating systems escape through the windows forcing us to crank up the heating. In the summer, heat enters our homes through the windows and we crank up the air conditioner to keep cool. If we installed double glazing in South Africa instead of single, the heat loss and gain will be significantly reduced.

A single glazed window can transfer up to 50% heat which is rather a big number. This 50% heat loss has to be replaced by increasing the heating or cooling thus, increased amount in energy bills. Even if installation may be expensive, in the long run you will save a lot on energy consumption. This is smart investment.

What Is Double Glazing In South Africa?

Double glazing is basically two panes of glass and the space between the two is filled with dehydrated air, Xenon or Argon. This filled air acts like an insulation and reduces heat loss and gain. It may sound simple but don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the procedure. It is surprisingly cost-effective. Also helps reduce your carbon footprint, helps create a more comfortable living environment and reduces your energy consumption. Imagine the benefits of installing double glazing on all your windows in your home or workplace. Enjoy year round deduction in energy costs.

The best feature is not yet mentioned. Do you enjoy your quite time at your home without all the noise from the outside world? Or maybe work in silence at your office? Great because double glazing reduce noise pollution as well. The other additional benefit is that it stops draughts from entering your home/office when it gets too windy.

You can also install crack-proof glass panes which will keep all the intruders out. Not only does it reduces your energy consumption but also works as an efficient security system. The benefits of double glazed windows in South Africa are unmatched.

Plan For The Future

There is a lot of talk about energy supply and demand in South Africa. But here is what you need to know: green living principles are the future of energy saving schemes. If you want all the benefits that double glazing windows in South Africa can provide, then it is highly advisable to properly insulate the house too.

Thermal insulation works wonders in reducing heat loss and gain thus reducing energy consumption and bills. According to research, without insulation your home/building loses 40% through the roof alone. Please note that heat is lost through windows and walls too.

ISOTHERM is the most eco-friendly option available and also, homes that are properly insulated have more market value too. If you are considering making changes around the house in terms of eco-friendliness but do not want to double glaze the windows then ISOTHERM is also a good alternative.

This product will reduce heat loss during winters and heat gain during summers so you can enjoy comfort in your house throughout the year without having to change all the windows to double glaze. Double glazing has its’ own benefits though. You can insulate your walls, ceilings, geysers, hot water pipes and windows.

Benefits of Double Glazing

Here are all the benefits that double glazed windows provide:

Warmth in winter: great method of insulation and reduces up to 50-70% heat loss. Additionally, it captures and stores natural heat from the winter sun to keep your house warm inside.

Cooler summers: insulation blocks some of the heat from the harsh summer sun and prevents it from entering your house.

Reduces energy usage: significant drop in energy consumption from heating and cooling systems. Environmentally friendly.

Reduces condensation: if your house is considerably old, then condensation is an issue. Condensation creates perfect environment for mold growth and mildew plus the timber from the windows begins to rot. This can prove to be a hazard for the family’s well-being. Double glazing prevents excess moisture from building up on your window panes.

Reduces noise: it acts as a sound proofing system and provides a more peaceful living environment and cuts down noise pollution by at least 60%. The peace of mind factor is worth all the money alone.

Enhances resale value: for a very small investment, the value of your house will be significantly increased, even if your house is old. Old or new, both kinds of homes can enjoy the benefits of energy saving from double glazing windows.

Reduces interior fading: a special type of glass can reduce the damage on drapes, carpet and furniture from UV light.

Increases security: provides an additional benefit of home/ office safety and security. If you use toughened glass or get window tinting installed, it will make it further break-proof and keep the intruders out.

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