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Recycled insulation in South Africa

Recycled insulation in South Africa

Looking to get your home insulated by professionals? Wondering which recycled insulation product to get installed? Lets take a look at the various products that we currently have available on the South African market.

Isotherm recycled insulation

Isotherm thermal insulation is currently the most eco-friendly product we have on the South African market. The product is made from recycled plastic PET bottles. These plastic bottles would normally would normally go to dump sites and landfills.

Isotherm has taken these bottles and made a top recycled insulation product in South Africa. Another benefit to isotherm is that it is people friendly as well. No Itchy fibers or chemicals.

We have seen a huge growth in isotherm sales in the lest 3 years. More homeowners are opting for this eco-friendly insulating product.

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Think pink aerolite

Think pink aerolite is another recycled insulation product. It is made from recycled glass and silica sand. Aerolite is produced from a combination of naturally occurring minerals such as silica sand, which is a sustainable resource, and up to 80% recycled glass making their fiberglass product environmentally friendly and non-combustible.

Cellulose fiber

Cellulose fiber is another recycled insulation product in South Africa. It is made from newspapers. The newspaper is treated with chemicals to give it a fire retardant status in order to make it an acceptable insulating product.

Which product should you choose to install?

Out of the 3 products mentioned above, isotherm is the product we would recommend for home use. It’s a clean chemical and fiberglass free product. If your family suffers from allergies then this is definitely the product you should be using. All three of the products hold the same r-value. So from an insulation perspective any of the three would be a good option.

Are there other products?

In the last two years there have been numerous polyester products hitting the market. Furthermore, promising what isotherm delivers. None of them match up to isotherm. Forget about trying to get a cheap insulation price. You will be sorely disappointed. If you go the polyester route then isotherm is the way to go. Read more on green building in South Africa.

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