isotherm ceiling insulation installersISOTHERM ceiling insulation. Currently South Africa’s most popular insulation product.

Homeowners countrywide are using ISOTHERM roof insulation. It is their preferred choice and brand.


Why is ISOTHERM ceiling insulation so popular?

Firstly, it does not contain any chemicals. Cellulose fiber is packed full of chemicals. This gives it a fire retardant status. Furthermore, ISOTHERM roof insulation is a polyester product and does not contain chemicals.

It does not contain fiberglass. Think pink aerolite is made of fiberglass. Additionally, you wont get any small fiberglass pieces falling through the down lights. This is bad for people who suffer from allergies. ISOTHERM roof insulation is a 100% non-allergic product.


New Technology Product

Furthermore, it is a new technology product. Forget all the old technology products with chemicals and fiberglass. Get hold of an installer. Get a price to insulate your home. The 145mm ISOTHERM roof insulation rolls are running at a cost effective price. The product will outlive old traditional products.

In recent years, more home-owners in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Western Cape and Durban have been looking for an alternative to fiberglass and cellulose fiber. It has filled that gap in the market place. Additionally, it has been tested. For thermal performance and for fire propagation.


Who should use Isotherm roof insulation

Currently 90% of our customer are using ISOTHERM ceiling insulation. Additionally, it benefits anyone who suffers from allergies. It is the best non-allergic product we have in South Africa. There has been a shift in the market in the last few years. Homeowners are looking for healthy, green products for their homes. Take a look at the ISOTHERM reviews. See how many homeowners are switching their insulation brand.

Furthermore, before you install any product in your roof. Get hold of one of the installers. Get a price to have your house professionally insulated. If you know you m2, you can get a price of the phone or email.

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