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How to use solar energy to make your home more sustainable

How to use solar energy to make your home more sustainable

Looking to take the plunge and make your house go green? Achieving the modest goal of saving the environment for future generations? There are so many things you can do to further this noble objective and save yourself some money doing it.

Ranging from harvesting your own rainwater, choosing fewer and better building materials for your house, composting, recycling and adopting more energy efficient appliances. One more option is to use solar energy to meet your household’s power needs and increase the sustainability of your home.

Sustainability of Your Home

With fossil fuels declining at accelerating rates, and contributing to unsustainable climate change, using an alternative energy supply that is both clean and completely renewable is a great way to make your home more environmentally sustainable.

Solar panels rely on the power of the sun alone. So no need to hook them up to the grid. They are super easy to install and maintain as well. Set them up then sit back and forget about them, as they automatically convert sunlight into electricity that can be utilized by your property. Most come with storage and battery options as well, so you can use the accumulated energy at night when the sun isn’t shining.

Solar Energy – The Return on Your Investment

Solar energy can also make you more financially sustainable. Don’t just look at the initial cost of solar panels, but rather consider the whole lifespan of the product. With solar panels on average recouping their initial investment in 5-8 years, and saving you up to 60% in power bills, they are a winning investment over the long term.

However, if you want to save even more money, look for government incentive schemes and subsidies, for example tax credits, and discounts from the company that manufactures and installs your panels. In some places, you can even be paid for generating solar power, with any excess you produce being fed back into the grid, and earning you money.

Solar panels maintenance costs

But if solar panels are still too expensive for your liking, instead consider purchasing a solar hot water heater, which will greatly reduce the quantity of electricity or gas you use to heat water, and shrink your carbon footprint too. And even something as simple as solar motion lights can greatly benefit not only your energy costs but also the environment as a whole.

Choosing a Solar Panel System

Just remember to calculate how much electricity you use and how many solar panels you will need to buy to cover your needs when purchasing solar panels, in order to maximize the sustainability of your home. Also ensure that the panels you get meet local and international standards, have a decent warranty (25 years now is standard), and make sure to get them installed by certified installers. Solar energy can greatly enhance the environmental and financial sustainability of your home. So do your research, and get the best system for your situation.

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