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Green Building in South Africa

Green Building in South Africa

Since the rise of environmental issues, new principles have been applied to construction of green building in South Africa. These principles enforce energy saving procedures and their effect on climatic changes. These apply to both, the construction as well as the building of home and industrial buildings in South Africa.

A “Green Building in South Africa” can only be the result of the utmost cooperation and hard work of all those are involved. i.e. the architects, engineers and the construction companies. The main agenda behind this is make sure all the green building materials are used efficiently. No green products are compromised during their construction.

The reason this has been brought into play is the high and ever-increasing demands of our natural resources. The added benefits of green building in South Africa is the effect it has on cost. They are highly cost-efficient. The negative impact of not following the green building procedures. Is risking the use of more natural resources and paying extra costs. Projects under the green building code in South Africa saves everyone money in the long run which is never a bad thing.

Green building equals energy savings

The one thing you need to understand here is that none of the luxury and comfort will be compromised. If anything, we are looking at a significant enhancement of these factors. Another benefit of green building in South Africa is that it makes for a healthier living/working space. This applies to the people using it and also has a less negative impact on the environment. It all begins with the planning, then the construction. It ends with the continuous use of the energy saving green buildings.

Green construction involves using more locally available materials responsibly. It also means using natural resources and recycled material. Reducing the waste and pollution caused by construction is crucial. All the related areas (pavement, parking and driveways) are also included in the planning. Green building principles are applied to the construction of these areas too. It is advisable to use permeable concrete or gravel for these areas and also instigate graywater systems.

The highlight of the green building project is energy saving. Efficiently using water and other natural resources. The whole construction process is very cost effective too. Increased use of solar photovoltaic systems is encouraged to harvest energy from the sun. The best idea under green building is planting roof gardens to control the heating and cooling requirements. The bonus: no issue of run-off during and after rainfalls.

Green building and Insulation

Green building construction also requires the building to be properly insulated. Using an insulation product like ISOTHERM. Roofs, walls, geysers and pipe insulation reduces heat loss during winters. It also prevents heat from entering during summers. Thus reducing heating and cooling costs. ISOTHERM is manufactured from thermally-bonded polyester that comes from recycled plastic PET bottles. This is a greener than green insulation product here in South Africa. ISOTHERM is also very durable and non-allergic.

By careful evaluation of other factors, further costs can be cut off too. By choosing the right position of the building that can bring in more sunlight, electricity costs can be cut significantly. Planting trees is a great idea to provide shade as well as cut down heat loss during the cold weather.

Better living and working environment

Green buildings also take in account our well-being and health. The aim is to create a better living and working environment. That has a positive effect on our health and mind. At present, research being conducted actively by the World Green Building Council. On the long-term health benefits of people working and living in green buildings.

This is in context to the research conducted but the US General Services Administration back in 2009. It showed astounding results. According to the findings, people who lived and worked in green buildings. Showed signs of leading healthier and happier lives than others. The benefits of green buildings are not limited to efficient use of natural resources and cost-effectiveness.

This is a great initiative that will help the environment as well as us, both, pocket and health. There is absolutely no adverse effects of a green building and that is enough to encourage this project. This is ideal and the go-to solution of construction for communities that are not very sustainable. If you promote and support the ‘Go Green’ projects then get in touch with an insulation company. They will give your more ideas on how to make your property for energy efficient.

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