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Window treatments that help save energy

Window treatments that help save energy

The gap between energy consumption and natural resources available is a real issue and it is high time it was addressed. As citizens and occupants on this planet, the responsibility of using our natural resources carefully falls on us. You may wonder about where to start but every little change counts when you start living life in the green zone. You should start right at home. So next time before you take your energy supply for granted, think about it. Lets take a look at window treatments that help save energy.

Finding Energy Saving Solutions

This is the era of finding ways to cut down on energy bills and consumption. You may not realize this but the windows play a big role here. A lot of heat is lost through the windows during the winter and a lot of heat enters through the windows during the summers. This causes extra consumption of energy due to increased heating and cooling costs. Some solutions may be out of the budget but there are other changes that you can easily make to your home. Find out below what window treatments that help save energy.

Window treatments that help save energy

  1. Awnings
    these can reduce heat gain during summer by an astonishing 77%. Good quality awnings make all the difference, always choose a material with tight weaves. The colour of the awnings plays an important part too, go for light shades. When installing awnings, go for the retractable variety. It comes in handy during the winters, by letting the light in to warm up the place.
  2. External Shutters
    if the outlook of your property is a concern then this option is more pleasing to the eye. They provide security and are weather-proof. The help control the indoor temperature effectively and reduce heating and cooling costs. During summertime, they bar excess heat from entering, keeps the room ventilated and allows natural light in. The downside of external shutters is they do not work so well in trapping heat in the house during the winters. For this purpose, we advise you to install solid shutters that work for both, winter and summer.
  3. Blinds
    this is another great option of providing a layer of insulation on the windows. Highly effective and a great variety of designs to choose from. They add such elegance to the interior and also efficient for energy saving purposes. Invest in a set of reversible blinds, one side dark and the other light. Place the dark side facing outwards during the cold months and the other way in the summer.
  4. Mesh Window Screens
    you can customize mesh windows screens for whatever size windows you have. They come with two options: magnetic which can be stuck to the metal on window frames or custom clips to attach the screens on. These window screen are successful in diffusing heat and can mildly control the temperature of the room. Ideal for regions with long summers.
  5. Curtains
    these are fairly regular but did you know how effective they are in keeping the room warm. You can use curtain colours to serve the purpose of trapping heat or barring it similar to the way it works for blinds. You can always increase the thickness of the curtains to keep the room extra warm.

Think of curtains as a layer of insulation between the window and the room. Well-fitted curtains work more efficiently. Curtains help save energy by as much as 25% if installed right and provided the material is good quality and reasonable as per the weather demands. It is a good window treatments that help save energy.

  • Reflective Window Film
    this is a great way to save energy and is very cost effective. These window films are simply applied to the outside of the windows and reflect heat effectively, almost up to 80% solar heat. But they work the same way in the winters and prevent any heat from entering the house. Also, the natural light entering the house will be largely reduced. Only install this in rooms where it is suitable. Click here for a quote on window tinting.

Another great and effective method to reduce energy consumption is insulation. Yes, very similar to the way you insulate walls, geysers, pipes and ceiling. Install ISOTHERM or AEROLITE in your ceiling. If you are constructing your house, then there is a whole list of effective energy saving options that you can install.

You can also build a wide overhang to bar heat from entering during the warm months. It also permits in natural light during the winter months. However, if you are going for one of the above mentioned window treatments that help save energy, then you will enjoy a significant decrease in the energy bills.

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