Acoustisorb is an acoustic ceiling insulation. That is compressible and light. Having been produced from polyester that has been thermally bonded. It works to reduce the effect of noise transfer from one room to another.




Brits Nonwoven undertook meticulous research and embraced in-depth procedures to develop this wonder acoustic ceiling insulation product. Acoustisorb offers the finest acoustic qualities. The best thing is its installation does not require special protective gear such as masks or gloves. We have acoustisorb insulation installers in Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Polyester has several properties that enable it to possess its incredible abilities as an acoustic insulation material. These properties are mirrored in the acoustic insulation product.




  • A melting point of 250 degrees Celsius
  • 1.38 specific gravity rating.


Zero per cent volatile. Acoustisorb does not feature any odour or chemical materials. It does not emit any organic compounds that are explosive.

The acoustisorb insulation material is non-combustible but advised to avoid exposure to high temperatures. Should not be tested at 750 degrees Celsius (SANS 10177-V). The auto-ignition temperature is standard at 515 degrees Celsius (Din 51794).

Flame rate of zero. Smoke index of 160 with low smoke toxicity rate of ers superb sound insulating properties.

The STI of the acoustic insulation material. Has to be established in concurrence with the manufacturing elements. Like the plasterboard used for wall partitions.




When CSIR tests were performed on a standard over-purlin acoustisorb installation. It was derived that the spread of the product’s flame is insignificant. When the product was tested with gypsum wall partitions a fire rating of 72 min was realized. (SAN 10177-11).

The acoustic insulation product can be applied to all types of structures. That are subject to the provisions listed in part T of Section 3 of SANS 10400-1990, National Building Regulations. ASTM –E84.




Though all testing of the acoustisorb insulation product were performed. Under optimal laboratory conditions. The results attained on-site may have a slight variance. Due to the conditions of the site and the expertise applied during installation. Brit’s technical support should be contacted to identify the relevance of the soundproofing product when applied in inappropriate conditions.

We hold the right to amend the acoustic ceiling insulation products specifications. Since the products are continuously being researched and progressed. So as to optimally meet the acoustic insulation needs.

Our experience is the main foundation that the free information given about the product is based on. Since our control and usage information could have an impact on the application of the product. There is no warranty offered or stated connected to the product. The information shared and more so to the appropriateness of the product for a specific application.

The buyer has the sole responsibility. To establish the relevance of acoustisorb insulation material. For his particular soundproofing need. Give Home Insulations a call and let us help you decide which is the best soundproofing product for you. We have installers in Durban, Johannesburg and Pretoria.