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cavitybatt soundproofing insulation


Cavitybatt is a very special type of ceiling and wall insulation that has a lot of unusual but very useful properties. First among these is that it is totally fireproof, a complete non-combustible material and has been classed as such according to SABS 0177 part 5.




Cavitybatt is made of a fibreglass product with a great deal of thermal retention and acoustic blocking properties. It is intended for use inside of steel frame, timber frame and drywall lined buildings. It retains heat exceedingly well due to it’s inherent thermal properties.

Eighty per cent of the raw materials which are typically used in any kind of fiberglass are completely recycled material. Usually, it’s waste glass or after consumer use glass that would otherwise have been filed away in some industrial dump or landfill.

Cavitybatt is lightweight and is lined on one side with glass tissue for an improved method of handling. Though the glass wool, out of which Cavitybatt insulation is made, is quite sturdy and very strong against the elements.

It can still be broken and one should take very diligent care not to step and especially not to stand on it lest irreversible damage should be incurred. Similarly one should not stack anything, especially anything heavy and dense on top of it otherwise it’s likely to be similarly damaged.




But the most impressive quality of cavitybatt is it’s acoustic properties, some of which include incredible noise reduction which is good for those that want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday worker bee life and wish to tune out from all the hum and fuzz. It absorbs sound and makes sound transmission from one from to another greatly diminished.

These improved noise trappings will be a great boon and delight to musicians in particular, whether pianist, guitarists, flutist. Play with so much more confidence and relaxation, hear notes more crisply and tune out from all that ambient buzz.




You can even soundproof a particular room with this product if you know how to properly install it. Installation with Cavitybatt is much the same as any other kind of drywall, it can be cut with a knife and lined on any kind of wall and even ceilings.

The cavitybatt’s acoustic properties will stick out in stark contrast to anyone who has ever lived in a brick and mortar embellishment, as they tend to offer very sub-par acoustics.

Simply line a room with cavitybatt and cork-line your door, or purchase a door made out of a similar sound absorbent material and you’ve already got a fairly soundproofed room. It won’t be studio quality just yet, but with a little more work you should have no problem with anymore ambient sound and getting the peace you truly desire.