does insulation really make a difference

Does Insulation Really Make a Difference?

Does insulation really make a difference? The obvious answer is yes! It clearly makes a difference in multiple ways. Having an insulating product installed will reduce the need to cool or heat your home. When you don’t change the temperature of your home as often, you use drastically less electricity. In this way, you’re’ contributing to the environment, by using less energy.

If you’re considering insulating your home, you’ll see two major benefits. First, day-to-day temperature fluctuations will be drastically reduced. Secondly, seasonal temperature changes will also be significantly reduced.

What Exactly is Insulation?

Thermal insulation, serves to reduce the gain or loss of heat in a building. Once installed, the thermal insulation will greatly reduce the number of temperature fluctuations that occur in a building. Thermal insulation is often placed in the ceiling of most buildings but can also be installed in walls that are hollow, such as steel frame walls or indoor partitioning.

Thermal insulation that’s installed in homes is typically classified as bulk insulation. The bulk insulation’s primary purpose is to reduce heat gain in the summer and reduce heat loss in the winter. Bulk insulation is present in the following forms:

Batt blanket and matt insulation

ISOTHERM is one example of the Batt blanket and matt insulation type. Additionally, this form of insulation is produced from polyester fibers and recycled plastic bottles rolled into a material that can be easily cut to size.

AEROLITE is another example of blanket insulation. It is made from sand and recycled glass. It is probably the most well known product in the world.

Loose-fill insulation

This type of insulating material is manufactured from finely-shredded recycled paper. Loose fill insulating material are blown into the area that is being insulated, causing it to fill into the nooks and crannies around areas such as electrical wire and support beams.

Rigid board

This type of material typically comes in the form of boards that can be installed into a building. Rigid board is manufactured from a vast amount of materials such as vermiculite, foam, polyurethane, and polystyrene.

Spray foam insulation

Simply put, spray foam is a polyurethane foam that is sprayed. In particular, this type of material is ideal for window and door insulation. If used indoors, a fire-resistant material must cover this type of insulation.

Why install it? Does insulation really make a difference?

It’s become an obligation of every South African citizen to use less energy and electricity. Although the government plays a major role in solving the energy crisis. Individual house and business owners have to take initiatives as well. Economically, combating the rising usage of energy makes sense for both individual and country. The price of electricity continues to be on the rise. Naturally, we need to look for ways to combat this rise by using less of it.

Even if you’re adhering to certain standards that require it, having an insulated home is a comfortable home. It creates a relaxing level of temperature. Insulating material also absorbs noises from outside sources.

When is the Right Time to Install?

If you’re managing the construction of a new building in South Africa, regulations require new insulating products to be included. The specifications of the ceiling insulation product can be built to meet the structure’s needs. It is quantified based on how well the material resists the flow of heat through it. This measure is signified through “R-value”. If an insulating material has a high R-value, the material is excellent with respect to resisting the flow of heat.

In South Africa, most regions place a certain R-value on buildings based on the climate of the region. Furthermore, the building/insulation specifications for new buildings are entirely based on this R-value. This classification helps buildings be better prepared for seasonal temperature changes.

Who Installs Insulation?

It is relatively easy to install in an existing building. Furthermore, if you’re a do it yourself enthusiast, the installation can provide a relatively tough challenge. The installation is better accomplished by professionals. If you’re comfortable with performing the installation yourself, you’ll want to make sure that all the materials you use are SABS approved products. These can be found at your local hardware store. Although we dont recommend you buy it there. You will get a much cheaper insulation price if you purchase the product from one of the installers. This is because they buy the product in bulk.

Getting an insulating material installed isn’t very expensive. Additionally, you’ll save a ton of money with reduced electric bill costs. This overshadows any element of the installation that may seem expensive. Installing it is the environmentally and financially appropriate choice to make.

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