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Pest Control



Pest control can be defined as the management and regulation of different pest species. Which can have an adverse impact on our lifestyles and activities. The extent to which pest control is done ranges from tolerance, deterrence and complete eradication.


Why is pest control necessary?


Depending on how bad the pest infestation is, the majority of homeowners utilize an integrated pest management strategy for pest control in South Africa. In homes and urban areas, pests feed on our food and garbage. Contaminating our possessions while sharing their dirty habitat with us. Physical removal and chemicals are the best way to remove pests. In agriculture farms and yards, pests are eradicated through chemical means.


Benefits of Pest Control


The major reason for pest control is the maintaining of safe and healthy food. This applies to both commercial and residential buildings in South Africa.

The food industry has to deal with pests that invade food products such as rodents and cockroaches. Similarly, pests such as moths, termites, and rodents often find their way in the house and make a meal out of our food.

Moreover, rodents may leave faeces in our food in the kitchen. Many of the pests that come into contact with your food carry infectious diseases that contaminate our food. Extreme bacteria and viruses are also transmitted by pests. Keep your food safe and healthy by keeping away the pests.

Roof Cleaning


Insects, Spiders, Bug Control


Bugs are mostly found in the exterior environment outside your home. However, if you spot bugs on a regular basis, it could mean there is a high probability of an infestation. An exterminator could help you eliminate the pests as most of them cause unhealthy conditions especially to people with lung medical conditions.


Rodent Control


Rodents often cause long time diseases and property damage. They gather fleas, diseases and harmful microscopic infections such as the plague bubonic virus, salmonella and tularemia. It is crucial for you to keep your family away from a rat and mice infestation.


Wasp Control


A wasp or bee sting is deadly especially to people with allergies. They are vicious and aggressiveness and can sting you multiple times. Bee stings and wasps may cause death within minutes. Make sure you get rid of any visible hives or wasps that are making a nest in and around your home.

Getting Rid of Wasp and Hornets


Carpet Beetle Control


Pests often cause damage to our belongings and properties. The primary cause of pest invasion in our homes is finding food. Pests such as carpet beetles cause considerable losses to organic fibre products such as blankets, clothing’s coaches and carpets.

How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles


Carpenter Ants and Termites Control


Carpenter ants and termites have the power of tearing up your home furniture’s within no time. They seek a habitat within the walls, and they are hard to notice before they cause the damage. Agricultural pests cause enormous loss and damages to our farming fields and different types of fruit trees by reduction of quality and quantity.

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants


Pest Control Research and Disease


Research conducted reveals that pest is a real threat to our health. High-quality pest control is one of the essential variables in public health. Pests including mosquitoes, rodents, and ticks are known to transfer deadly diseases. More so, rats and mice transmit a fatal virus to the humans known as hantavirus. Mosquitoes carry diseases such as Zika and West Nile virus while ticks transmit Lyme diseases.

The best prevention of such illnesses is pest control as you cannot identify the host pest of various diseases.




In conclusion, a happy home is a pest-free home. Even the tiniest pest invasion causes a lot of headache for us. Unfortunately, most home remedies and store-bought chemicals only take care of the surface pests while the source of the infestation is not identified. Some exterminators are specialized in eradicating the pests and its source for good. Contact a pest control exterminator today to keep the pests that you may not be even aware of under control.