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Alternative Energy Sources

The further we research renewable energy, the more we figure out the hidden potential of the earth that provides us with alternative energy sources. This informative article describes and illustrates the significance of alternative energy sources. Additionally, we examine the 6 key alternative energy sources available. The earth provides several cheap alternatives that have not yet been thoroughly researched and explored enough by mankind.



  1. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  2. Job Creation
  3. Diversify our energy supply
  4. Improve public health
  5. Provide individual energy independence
  6. Save money

Alternative energy sources in South Africa seems unattainable at times and works like a charm in other instances. The reality is quite different. From solar power and wind power to geothermal, biomass and hydroelectric energy, here are six benefits of alternative energy sources that we really need to consider.

1) Water Energy

water alternative energy sourcesThis kind is created due to the kinetic energy within the liquid. Additionally because of its extremely fast movement.

Primarily being electrical energy. Which can be very beneficial to us. This includes powering homes, business, industrial regions, and so on.

Most people don’t realize that dams generate massive cheap energy because of the strength of water.

Consequently, nations around the world that have these kinds of options are usually at an advantage because of accessibility to a cost-effective alternative energy source.

During the early phases when technology was at basic stages of development, water wheels performed this function and produced energy running machines.

2) Wind Energy

wind turbine alternative energy sourcesWind can be another alternative energy source which continues to be supplied by Mother Nature without any subsequent cost. The initial upfront cost will pay itself off in a reasonably quick timeframe.

Wind power can be made use of in South Africa. It’s especially effective in windy areas like Cape Town. They are built to spin huge fixed propellers which are mounted on an alternator within the turbine.

The alternator then transforms the captured wind energy into useful electrical energy that can be used to power up homes and commercial buildings all over the country.

The wind energy source is therefore captured through wind turbines. Moreover, create electrical power and various forms of energy. Which is often beneficially useful for numerous functions.

Source: Advantages of wind energy

3) Solar Energy

solar power alternative energy sourcesSolar technology is an extremely important alternative source of energy. Which happens to be offered in large quantities. Specifically in all those nations around the world where sunshine is found throughout the day.

At the moment, intensive scientific studies are being performed by researchers as well as technical engineers to advance this particular renewable option.

With regards to beginning development stages, solar panels are still highly-priced. Furthermore, as design and development improve, solar panel technology will end up a cheap alternative energy source in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Presently, the majority of the strength from the sunlight just isn’t being made use of properly and it is being wasted. Our planet generates a considerable amount of high temperatures.

For example, melted rock, volcanic release, gases, fog, and so on. Renewable options available could be used in combination as well as used by turning it into completely new kinds of alternative energy sources, including electrical power.

Source: Advantages of solar energy

4) Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy stations mainly focus on these 3 concepts:

geothermal energy alternative energy sources

Method 1 – Very hot steam will be able to immediately move through an area which has generator turbines. Which in turn will begin spinning under the hot steams high pressure to create electrical power. The actual steam eventually condenses to create water, a by-product.

Method 2 – The warm geysers are usually ‘flashed’ and transformed into a high-pressure heavy steam jet which will once more be used to operate the actual turbines of the alternator.

Method 3 – Known as the binary method, it comes with heat exchangers., High temperatures coming from a geothermal energy source (like very hot water) is needed in order to heat the 2nd liquid. For example isobutene, that has an extremely lower boiling point and thus will be changed into heavy steam swiftly even at regular temperature ranges. The actual built up steam tension will be ultimately utilized to push generator turbines to create electrical power.

Source: Geothermal Energy

5) Ocean Energy

ocean turbines alternative energy sourcesOn the list of the 6 alternative energy sources in South Africa, producing electrical power provided by sea ebbs has become an appealing source of energy.

This technique can be utilized throughout the ocean coastlines. We have all experienced the enormous strength from ocean waves.

This ebbing, when correctly set up, creates an ideal piston impact to push the alternator. Which in turn creates a constant stream of electrical power.

This kind of alternative energy source is very appealing simply because of its unlimited supply. Regardless of weather conditions and variations.

6) Nuclear Energy

Nuclear power is produced through powerful nuclear reactions. Which means that energy that is created is merged and altered directly into electrical power. Having said that, there are actually ecological issues concerning the production of nuclear power sources. Considering that it could be incredibly dangerous, deadly as well as toxic for people in addition to farmlands. Regardless of this alternate option being hazardous, quite a few nations around the world are choosing nuclear energy as the preferred energy source. Please note: Nuclear power or energy being referred to as a renewable alternative energy source is debatable.