Roof Ventilation

Roof ventilation is important for buildings to be able to function properly. Many buildings that do not have proper roof ventilation have poor air quality. These buildings also can have problems later on. Moisture and heat get trapped in the roof, which can cause mold, and damage to insulation.


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Insufficient roof ventilation


When too much moisture is trapped in the roof. It can cause black mold to grow, which is a dangerous health risk. Black mold will release spores that will get into the air. It can cause workers and customers to get sick. This happens when they are in the building and exposed to the black mold spores in the air.
It is vitally important that building have proper roof ventilation to ensure that this moisture is released from the building. It can be very expensive for buildings to have to remove black mold from their air systems, and roof spaces.


whirlybirds and roof ventilation systems

Cost-effective roof ventilation systems


Home insulations have a cost-effective solution to this problem. This will ensure that your building will not have these issues in roof ventilation. Purchasing a wind master tornado turbine will ensure that moisture and heat will escape your building. It will ensure that black mold, and your insulation is not destroyed.

The roof turbines require no maintenance or operating costs. These turbines can be color coated to match your building’s roof if needed. Which will add a creative addition to any building. Our roof ventilation system comes with dampers for the winter that will keep the cold air outside. While providing the needed ventilation in your building to continue with proper air quality in the building.


Our turbine systems


Our turbines come with a patented bearing system that is silent. Furthermore, it is clean and effective. It provides you with a roof ventilation system that will work for years to come. We provide a guarantee on all our roof ventilation systems. Our roof ventilation system is bird and waterproof. This will assist in keeping your building from having structural damage. This usually occurs during the change of seasons and in different weather conditions.

The roof vents will assist you in providing a positive extraction of heat, dust and fumes from your building. This will increase productivity and ensure that your employees stay healthy and safe while on the job. Employees that have a work environment that has good air quality tend to stay healthy and miss less work.

Which causes better rates of productivity in your business. All of our roof ventilation systems are human and environmentally friendly. So you do not have to worry about the effects these systems will have on our environment.


Specially designed whirlybirds


Our product was specially designed to fit on any building. We have designed them to be adjustable to a pitched roof up to forty-five degrees. There are also different styles and sizes to meet all your building’s needs.

We have proudly designed, manufactured and produced our roof ventilation systems right here in South Africa. We proudly stand behind our product and ensure that your building and employees will function better. Meeting your needs with proper ventilation that will improve air quality.

Having proper ventilation in your building can also cut down on heating and cooling costs for your building. As the air circulation in the building will assist in keeping the temperature in the building more consistent. This happens throughout the entire building.

Your employees and customers will realise that the temperature in the building is more consistent. As well as more enjoyable to work in all year long. This will also ensure that your finished product is stored in your building at a more consistent temperature. Which will cause less damage to your products due to temperature fluctuations from within a building.


New buildings and whirlybird Vents


If you are developing a new building for your community. Or perhaps a production facility, we hope that you consider investing in a roof ventilation system. Our design is effective and will ensure that your building has all the proper roof ventilation that you need for your new building. We will attempt to meet all your roof ventilation needs. Our friendly staff is here to help you with your building roof ventilation.

Any agency will be happy with our cost-effective design to roof ventilation. That is because if it’s not properly designed it could cause severe economic problems for your business in the future. Taking the time now to contact us to discuss your building’s roof ventilation needs. This will keep your business growing in the right direction.

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Roof ventilation for industrial buildings


In the past, we have seen many buildings being condemned due to improper roof ventilation for industrial buildings. This is because it caused health risks to humans that were in the buildings due to poor air quality. Whirlybird vents are the answer to this problem.

Children have become severely ill due to buildings that did not have proper roof ventilation and end up having poor air quality. Allergy suffers have complained and was not able to work in buildings with poor roof ventilation, due to the air quality in the building. Lawsuits and loss of employees and customers have cost companies and businesses millions in expense due to not taking the time to design and construct buildings with proper roof ventilation systems.

These types of incidents can ruin a company’s reputation in the community and will cost the company a loss of revenue due to a poor reputation. Employee health care costs can rise exponentially if your building has poor air quality and roof ventilation for industrial buildings. Once again this costs the company and agency more unexpected expenses and will cut into businesses projected profits. Considering our roof ventilation system will protect your company and will assist your company in growing in the right direction for years into the future.


Cost of whirlybirds – Price of roof ventilation systems in South Africa


The cost of whirlybirds does depend on a few factors. The price of roof ventilation systems depends on the size and the application when it comes to installing the system in South Africa. The best way to get a whirlybird price is to drop us an email. We will send you the cost of the roof-mounted ventilation system. We are whirlybird vents suppliers and can give you a price on bulk orders as well.


Using insulation with roof ventilation systems


If you are considering installing whirlybird vents. You should definitely consider getting your home or office insulated as well. The two products work hand in hand. We install a number of different insulation products throughout South Africa.

The two most popular products would be aerolite insulation and knauf insulation.