135mm Aerolite


135mm aerolite is a glass fibre insulation product. It’s the recommended thickness for Johannesburg, Centurion, Pretoria, and Cape Town. SANS compliant and SABS approved material.

One of the best glass fibre insulation products for residential and commercial use in South Africa. The price above is the cost per roll. Installation is not included.


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LENGTH5000 mmWEIGHT9.72 kg

Recommended Glass Fibre Insulation


The 135mm aerolite is the recommended thickness for Western Cape, Pretoria, and Johannesburg.

Furthermore, it is an insulation product that comes in at a reasonable price. It’s Sans 10-400xa building compliant for the areas mentioned above.

Aerolite is the oldest insulation product on the market. Everyone has heard of it at one point or another. It has a high r-value and density and is recommended for home use.

The thermal and acoustic properties are brilliant. You will reduce power consumption after the product has been installed in your roof. It will also keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

135mm Aerolite R-Value


Always check the r-value and density of the product you are installing in your roof. There are many products that are 135mm thick but have much lower specifications. Give a local installer a call and check the required thickness for your area.

  • 135mm – R-value 3.38 (product r-value)
  • 135mm – R-value 3.8    (including roof)

Additionally, if you stay in Johannesburg, Pretoria or Western Cape then make sure you don’t install the 100mm. The 100mm is below spec for the colder regions.

Any aerolite installer that recommends you use it (except for in Durban) does not know the building laws in South Africa.

135mm Aerolite Price Per Square Meter


The 135mm aerolite glass fibre insulation price (installed) will differ from home to home. Additionally, many factors come into play. The difficulty of the installation is an important factor to consider when installing this product. High pitched roofs will get a lower price per meter squared. This is because our installers will have sufficient space to stand in the roof and install.

Furthermore, low pitched roofs will often need to be insulated from the outside. This means that we might have to take off roof tiles and it will be extremely time-consuming. We could insulate 2 – 3 homes in the time it takes to remove a roof and install from the outside.

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