145mm Isotherm


The 145mm isotherm is the recommended thickness for Gauteng, Pretoria and Cape Town. The price below is the cost per roll. Installation is not included. It is the thickest of the polyester insulation products in South Africa.

Deliveries available in Johannesburg, Pretoria only.

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145mm Isotherm Price – 1.2m Wide (Single Packs) – Metal Roof

Thickness: 145mm Isotherm (Read More)

Width: 1.2m

Length: 5m

Area Roll: 6m2

R-value: 3.37

Installed R-Value: 3.77

Mass: 11.5kg

SANS compliant

145mm Isotherm Price – 750mm Wide (Twin Packs) – Tiled Roof

Thickness: 145mm Isotherm (Read More)

Width: 750mm x 2 (Twin pack)

Length: 5m x 2 (10m)

Area Roll: 7.5m2

R-value: 3.37

Installed R-Value: 3.77

Mass: 11.5kg

SANS compliant

Recommended Thickness

The 145mm isotherm insulation is the recommended thickness for Johannesburg, Pretoria and Western Cape. We currently have a very reasonable 145mm isotherm price. It is also compliant with the sans 10400-xa building laws.

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There are many insulation products on the market. Not many of them have the same advantages of isotherm. It is recycled green polyester insulation. Made from PET bottles in South Africa. Its dust and allergy-free.

145mm Isotherm R-value

The R-value of any insulation product is important. You must check if the R-value you are being offered is Sans Compliant for your climatic region. You can ask your local isotherm installer. It also has an 11.5kg density. This helps with thermal and acoustic properties.

  • 145mm Isotherm – R-value 3.37  (product R-value only)
  • 145mm Isotherm – R-value 3.7    (including roofing materials)

When you drop down to a thinner thickness. The density of the product will drop as well. For example, the 100mm isotherm has a 10kg density. There is a massive difference in thermal insulation and acoustics between densities.

Installed 145mm Isotherm Price Per M2

The 145mm isotherm price per m2 may vary from home to home. This is because we have to consider the difficulty of the installation. You will get a slightly higher price if it is a more difficult installation..

For example, if there was no place to stand while installing. We might have to take off tiles / corrugated iron and do the installation from the outside. This is very time-consuming. So we will have to compensate for that.

Another installation type that will increase the price is a suspended ceiling. While not a hard installation. It’s time-consuming. We have to work from underneath. Tile by tile until we have finished. We could generally insulate 3 homes in the time it takes to finish a suspended ceiling installation.

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