135mm Knauf


The 135mm Knauf is the recommended thickness for Gauteng, Pretoria and Cape Town. It is an earthwool insulation product in South Africa. The price below is the cost per roll. Installation is not included.

Please Note: Knauf roll price is high but it has a lot more area coverage per roll.

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  • Thickness: 135mm Knauf
  • Length: 7.5m
  • Width: 1.2m
  • Area Cover: 9m2
  • R-value: 3.38
  • Density: 12kg
  • Fire Rating: EUROCLASS A1 – Non-Combustible


135mm Knauf Insulation South Africa


Knauf Insulation is a high-quality earth wool insulation product. It uses what they call ECOSE® Technology.

Does not contain added Formaldehyde

Low product emissions

Lower embodied energy

Lower environmental impact

Softer feel than traditional mineral wool products

Healthier product with no artificial dyes added