1000 Litre Water Tanks


The 1000 litre water tanks are residential size tanks. They have been designed with restricted space in mind for the South African homeowner.

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These are quality manufactured plastic rotomoulded water tanks. Our products are made from the highest quality raw materials. Rotomoulding is done with Polyethylene.

We can deliver these tanks to you if you are in the Johannesburg and Pretoria area. Please note this price is for the water tank only. Delivery is charged separately.

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Capacity (L): 1000

Weight (Kg): 22

Wall thickness (mm): 3,5

Diameter (mm): 835

Height (mm): 2075

Height – additional (mm): 110

High-quality LLDPE, approved by the FDA for use in food processing and high hygiene environments.

EU and HACCP standards are compliant.

Acid, alkali and corrosion resistant.

UV resistant and recyclable.


1000 Litre Water Tank Colours:

If you would like a specific colour for the 1000 litre water storage tank, you can order them through us. They come in a wide range of colours. We do not stock all the colours. they can be made on request. Below are the colours available.


1000 litre water tank colours