Imagine coming home exhausted from a long day’s work, so you lie in bed to enjoy the cosines and tranquillity of your home only to be awakened by a loud uproarious noise coming from your neighbour’s house. Anyone who has been in this situation can relate to the frustration you may endure; we all love to enjoy the comfort of our home.

Soundproofing with fibreglass insulation makes it possible for you to enjoy the peace of your home without outside disturbances. Whether it is that you want to shut out your neighbours, or simply the kids playing in the living room, soundproofing can do it.


How to soundproof with fibreglass insulation


One of the primary functions of a wall is to keep noise out; therefore when soundproofing a building or a room starting with the walls is the most viable thing to do. Soundproofing the walls of your house ultimately has to do with designing them to be thicker rather than denser.

The thicker the walls, the less noise will come through. Use corrugated walls that are thicker and prevent noise from entering. If the demolition is not in your budget, you can build a simple wall frame and attach it to the walls of your building with existing wall studs. To add attractiveness, cover the frame up with drywall.

If your walls are not thick then fibreglass or acoustisorb insulation is a great option for you to soundproof your home without any demolition, and it also works on ceilings. It works by absorbing the noise coming in from the outside environment and converting it to heat energy.

Add carpeting to your floor. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to add soundproofing to your building. Finally, you can also use soundproofing panels in different parts of the room, for example, acoustic panels come in attractive fabrics and are very effective in absorbing sound coming in from the outside.


Fibreglass vs Acoustisorb insulation for soundproofing


When you decide to soundproof your home, you will be presented with different materials to choose from. However, the type of material you choose can greatly affect the results. Fibreglass is still the most beneficial material that you can use to soundproof your home but acoustisorb has become more popular lately.

It doesn’t just soundproof your house; it helps you to save on utility bills and make your home more thermally efficient. What greater feeling is there than spending less whilst gaining more?

Aerolite insulation more commonly referred to as Think Pink offers excellent soundproofing. Aerolite insulation has extraordinary sound absorption properties. So if you are tired of the noise disturbances, Think Pink insulation is just what you need. Aerolite insulation is a fiberglass product that is made from recycled glass and sand; the product is durable, eco-friendly and carries no health threat.


Why should you hire a professional?


There are many benefits to hiring a professional to soundproof your home. Firstly, you want to get the job done properly from the beginning, so you don’t have to spend more or deal with those ear-splitting sounds coming from your neighbours.

Secondly, many problems might occur that might slow up the process while a professional would have possessed the required skills to complete the job in a timely fashion. Additionally, you want your home to maintain its appearance even after the soundproofing is over; an expert will be able to produce more appealing results. We have soundproofing installers in Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria and Western Cape.