“Hello Kevin, I am very pleased with the work that was done. I took temperature readings with an infra red scanner before and after installation and on average, the difference is 6 degrees cooler on the ceiling. Regards, John Martin” (135mm Knauf)

Morning guys, i just wanted to say thank you so much for the installation on Friday. The insulation has made a massive difference to the temperature indoors! Our fireplace is finally warming up our house properly. (135mm knauf review)

“What an absolute pleasure it was to deal with Home Insulations! Not only were they more affordable than the other quotes that we received, but their service was excellent! Kevin has a loyal, hardworking team that clearly know what they’re doing. I felt completely relaxed having them in my home. And while I was wary that the insulation wouldn’t make much of a difference, it’s impressive how just a few degrees made our home feel so much cosier. I really wish we had done this a few years back – Jozi winters are now bearable!” Cheers, Kirsty (135mm knauf review)

Hi just wanted to say thank you so much. Our home is so much warmer. Someone was here on Friday and asked me what I heat my house up with it is so warm. No heaters were on. I sent her your contact details. I was laughing as the lady that works for me said the other day. “Wow this stuff in the roof makes the house so warm.” She has not put on the heater in the kitchen once since the insulation. So thanks so much. Will definitely highly recommend your company. Have a good day. Regards Louise. (135mm Knauf Review)

“Good morning Warren, I wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the clean and efficient manner in which your staff worked and presented themselves to us.

I expected this to be a whole day affair and instead it was done in I think maybe 2 hours. You can really be proud of your employees, they represented your company and your reputation very well. Mellisa Botha” (135mm Knauf Review)

“Hi Warren, I must thank you, Gary and his team for the rapid response to my initial order.  The team impressed me tremendously with the speed and efficiency that they installed the insulation and especially with the fact that they cleaned up so well afterwards – there was absolutely no sign that they had been here after they left.  The insulation has made a huge difference to the temperature inside my flat – I no longer feel as though I am living in a sauna!” (135mm Knauf Review)

“Hi Warren, just wanted to say thank you for the service you provided us. The team you sent out was very professional and they cleaned up after themselves. We have had the 135mm Knauf insulation installed and are very happy with the results over the last week. Our home is much cooler. Regards Tammy” (135mm Knauf review)

Dear Warren, Thank you for the amazing service your company provided. Gary and the team arrived at our premises on time, and worked tirelessly throughout the day, cleaning and installing the knauf insulation. They were very professional, and Gary kept us well informed as to what to expect throughout the process.

Also, to get the invoice and see that you reduced the quotation amount when we gave you the measurements of our home, is highly commendable.

These are some of the reasons I would definitely recommend your company to anyone else. It is really refreshing to deal with a company that goes above and beyond what is expected.

The main reason for the installation was the problem we have with noise levels coming through the roof, and I can hear the difference your product has made, so thank you once again. Kind Regards Gareth (135mm Knauf Review)

Hi Warren, Thank you so much. They were incredibly fast and professional! They even accommodated me by being as quite as possible because my baby was sleeping as they arrived. Thank you só much!!! Kind regards Nelani (135mm Knauf Review)

“Dear Warren, I have to complement your service. The communication with your offices were effective, the gentlemen and lady on site were extremely professional. Your supervisor personally made sure of every little detail. They cleaned up after the work. There is not even a trace left that work was done. I will recommend you to my friends and business associates. Danie Potgieter” (135mm Knauf Review)

“Hi Warren, I must congratulate you on a job well done! Kevin & Amanda with their team not only did an outstanding job but made the experience most enjoyable!! Although they were running late they kept me updated throughout and arrived when promised. When they were almost finished I remembered to ask for my geysers to be lagged only to find that Kevin had already taken the initiative to do this as part of the installation!

This level of service and dedication is hard come by nowadays…………..you deserve a medal!!!!!! The net result of all this is a very noticeable decrease in the inside temperature in my home. It is well worth the investment. Regards Lindsay” (145mm isotherm review)

“Hi Warren, just want to extend our thanks to your company. Everything ran smoothly from dealing with you guys in the office to the installers you sent out. The insulation has made such a big difference! Glenn” (135mm knauf review)

“Hi Kevin. Thanks for a GREAT product and an even GREATER job. It was really a pleasure having you guys at my house. No mess , no fuss. Chop chop and the job was done. I will give you some feedback on the temperatures. May you guys be blessed with lots of work. Regards Chris” (145mm isotherm review)

“Hi Kevin, Your guys did a fabulous job, the difference, especially upstairs is remarkable. Thanks again for your very professional approach and job really well done. Warm regards Richard” (135mm Aerolite Review)

Morning Kevin, we are so happy with the change in temperature in our house. Thank you so much to you and your team for the prompt work and professionalism. (135mm Knauf Review)

Hello Kevin, Very happy thank you. All went perfectly. I think Denis and his team did a great job and I’m very happy I had this done. I’m very glad I went with you guys. (135mm Aerolite)

“Hi Warren, My husband was very happy with the installation team. He is also in the building industry and was very pleased with the extremely professional manner in which they carried out the work. They even installed insulation in a few extra places like the holes to the garage walls where the electrical wiring goes to the db board and under the geyser, which we weren’t expecting them to do.

We will certainly recommend your company to anyone else. Regards Natalie” (135mm knauf review)

“I had the 145mm Isotherm installed. Worth its weight in Gold. Did not make a fire because the house was warm. Its freezing cold outside today, but house is still warm. Regret not installing it 20 years ago, suffering all these freezing cold winters. It is the best investment u can ever make. Thanks Warren.” (145mm Isotherm review)

“Hi Warren, I would certainly recommend your Company to anyone looking for Insulation. Kevin and his team were friendly and worked quickly and professionally. Thank You. Regards, Bev Schuch” (135mm Knauf Review)

“Hi Warren, Many thanks for the insulation – I already feel a difference – the house is a lot cooler! Mirelle” (145mm isotherm reviews)

“Hi Kevin, Thank you very much for the installation and professional service!! One does not often get this level of service these days. Kind Regards, Johan Scheepers” (135mm Aerolite Review)

Good day Warren, Thanks for a great Job! The knauf really works, and the installations was very neatly done. (135mm knauf review)

“Hi Warren, your team did an excellent job yesterday with the insulation and I can already feel the difference. Regards, Craig” (135mm Knauf Review)

Hi Kevin, Everything went well with your installation and as I said, I did get up into the roof void to “inspect” and it all looks very good –thanks. Over the past two nights we certainly have noticed a difference in that the house is much warmer. Especially in the early morning. Rod Smart (145mm isotherm review)

“They did a great job yesterday, Will definitely recommend you guys. Wihan” (135mm Knauf Review)

“Team was professional. Very respectable and honest installers. Every tool was at hand. Did a neat and professional job. Thanks Home Installation .. Julie” (145mm Isotherm review)

“Home Insulations ….Warren. He is so trustworthy, and I trust him so much. He sent his team to measure .They came with the materials and measured..I only paid him the full amount after the installation. I already deposited the money as per quote. He phoned me and said less materials were used. I had overpaid. All i can say is… H O N E S T Y!!!! Did not cheat by adding full meterage. I over paid..He is regunding my money. Reputable Business!!Keep it up. Zubeida” (145mm Isotherm review)

“Hi Warren, Thank you very very much. A great job done. The team were friendly and worked with great professionalism. I will not have any problems with recommending you to anyone who is looking for insulation. The effects were felt instantly, and yes, this morning we definitely felt the benefits of it. Regards Terry Domnakis” (135mm Knauf Review)

“Good morning Warren. I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff for excellent service and a very good product. We have already seen a huge difference in temperatures in our house. Thank you for your professional and very friendly service, we will definitely refer you to our friends and family. Regards. Henry and Norah Heuer” (135mm knauf review)

“We are very happy and thanks for the excellent service and I will recommend your company and isotherm to anyone. Kind regards Louis” (135mm isotherm review)

“Many thanks to your speedy, efficient, and polite crew. Cheers Genevieve” (145mm Isotherm review)

“Hi Warren, Yes!…… a considerable difference to the inside temperature is already noted! Regards Pat” (135mm Knauf Review)

“Good day Warren, Thank you once again for ensuring the installation was done Friday. We appreciate the professional and friendly service. Kindly extend our thanks to Kevin. The insulation makes a huge difference in the house. Best regards Arina” (145mm Isotherm review)

“I just wanted to say thank you for doing our insulation. Your installers were also very pleasant, tidy and professional on the job. I would recommend you guys. Best Regards Christopher” (145mm Isotherm reviews)

“Well done guys! It has made a huge difference in our place. My wife and i would definitely recommend your company to anyone who is looking to get their house insulated! Great Service! Kind Regards Greg” (145mm Isotherm reviews)

“Thanks for the great service, you guys took the time to explain each product and their differences so i was able to make the right choice when choosing my insulation!” Tokkie (135mm aerolite reviews)

“I was a little bit worried to start as we have so many alarm wires and down lights in our roof. Your installers managed to breeze through our home without damaging any of the wires! Incredible workmanship guys. I personally went up into the roof after you had left and the insulation was installed extremely well, very neat, and has made a huge difference in our home already. Regards Steven” (135mm Isotherm reviews)

“Hi Warren, Thank you for your very professional service! Kind regards, Lydia Adendorff” (145mm Isotherm reviews)

“Hi Warren, Thanks for the installation. Your guys who did the installation were very friendly and called to say when he was done etc. Kesh” (135mm Aerolite reviews)

Hi Warren, Thanks for this – there is a huge difference! I will recommend you to my friends in the complex. Thanks, Ian (145mm isotherm)

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