Thermal Insulation

Nowadays, newly built homes in South Africa must have thermal insulation. However, the appropriate thickness should be installed according to your local climatic region. Weather conditions and budget play an important role in selecting the best thermal insulation products.


What is thermal insulation?


Thermal insulation in South Africa – The most cost-effective and efficient way to control the indoor temperature of a building.

thermal insulation south africa

Insulation acts as a heat flow barrier reducing thermal heat from entering or exiting a building.

Firstly insulate the ceilings, followed by the walls, and depending on how your home is built, underfloor insulation might be needed.

Often insulation materials are chosen to perform different functions. These include acoustic materials for soundproofing and fire-resistant products.

The best time to consider your comfort levels in your home is during the construction phase. If you want an energy-efficient house, then installing thermal insulation materials in the roof, external walls, internal walls and possibly under floors is a necessity.


Thermal Efficiency of a Building


Considering the changing technologies in the world, it would be unthinkable not to consider the thermal efficiency of a newly built home or building. With the increase in electricity prices around South Africa, we need to save as much energy as possible. Thermal insulation prices are quite reasonable when compared to the steep energy bills received from uninsulated or badly insulated homes and buildings.


Best Thermal Insulation Materials in South Africa


There are many different thermal insulation products to choose from in South Africa. Most have been around for many years. Some are newcomers trying to enter the market. Make sure you choose the right product that works best for your situation. Product choice is important. Below is a list of the best thermal insulation products in South Africa for home use.



The products above all have SANS compliant R-values for South Africa’s climatic regions. Check out this guide to insulation.