Isotherm Installers

Are you looking to get isotherm installed by professionals? Look no further, Home Insulations have got you covered! We run large teams of highly trained isotherm installers South Africa.

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isotherm installers south africa

We have Isotherm installers Johannesburg. We cover the whole Gauteng area.

Keeping you insulated with the most popular polyester insulation product in South Africa.

Isotherm has built up quite a reputation over the years for being easy to install without the itch.

We supply and install the full isotherm product range and have extensive experience installing polyester insulation.

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Looking for isotherm installers Pretoria? We got you covered! Furthermore, we run large teams of highly trained installers in Pretoria. For more information on our Pretoria products and services contact our local branch below.

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Energy Savings with Isotherm


After our professional installers have finished insulating your roof, you’ll start seeing energy-saving right away. Additionally, energy savings are achieved when your usage goes down. It can be used to wrap your geyser and hot water pipes for even more temperature/cost control.


Fully Insured Isotherm Installers


When having your roof professionally insulated, make sure your installers are fully insured. This is important as things could go wrong during an installation and it shouldn’t cost you money. The installers should be fully covered for an event like this.


Leave No Gaps in The Insulation


Another thing to remember, check the installation after the installer has completed the work. Firstly, make sure you have had the correct thickness installed. Secondly, check to see if any gaps have been left after the installation. This is crucial as some South African isotherm installers leave gaps to save themselves money and product.